Frequently Asked Questions

There are an abundance of reasons to use a web-based application over a downloaded desktop application, but here are just a few that relate directly with our systems.

The security and confidentiality of your consumer rewards program information is yours and our priority. Accessing and storing your customer's information securely and off-site keeps it safe and it's backed up daily. Implementing procedures to keep your in-store computers backed up daily, and training staff to do so is unnecessary.

1) Simply sign up here and fill out the form, or just send us a message that you're interested.

2) We will email you a 2 page agreement that outlines your pricing and which option you would like.

3) Fax us the filled out agreement and email us your logo. If your account requires an item list then you can email that as well. (If you're using the 'Pet Food' version, we already have most pet food product lists.)

4) We get your account setup and send you your 'welcome email' to get started then send you an invoice for either paying monthly or yearly.

5) You mail cheque(s) or pay online.

No, you aren't tied into anything. The agreement you fill out and sign to get started is simply to indicate that you've read the terms and to get the information we need to get your account setup.

If you're not happy using the program, then we certainly don't want you bound to anything, you're free to cancel your account anytime. Plus, we can export your data and send to you in Excel.

We take care of getting your consumer rewards program account setup, and there are no setup fees. Most accounts are ready the day after we receive the filled out 2 page agreement.

Pet Food Frequent Buyer Program
If you're using the Pet Food version of the Frequent Buyer Program, then all you need to do is list out the brands of pet food you want to include, and send us your logo so we can integrate it into your account. We have most of the pet food item lists ready to load into your account. Of course, you can edit/add items through your admin as well, or send to us in excel if you have a big list to add, and we don't have it.

Frequent Buyer Program
If you're using the Frequent Buyer Program, then you can simply send us an item list broken down by vendor, or however you want to categorize, or just use our easy admin area to add your items yourself. Plus, send us your logo so we can integrate it into your account.

Point System
Customer reward programs can be confusing to get started and setup, but with our Points account, it's super easy, and you'll be ready to start adding customers not long after we receive your store details. There are a variety of options and settings you'll go through in your Points Admin once it has been added to your account.

Mobile Marketing
We can add the Mobile Marketing Add-On to any of the programs. We will include your logo on light and dark backgrounds as well as choose colours that suit your business or website. We'll add customer contact information for all locations as well as any social media and website links. Once added, statistics for who's been sent their mobile link, and what brands they use will show up in your Admin.

Email Marketing
Once we add the Email Marketing Add-On to your account, emails added or updated in your account will sync with your email marketing account. You will be sent a link to get setup and creating your own campaigns in no time!

For the pet food frequent buyer program, we have most of the item lists to add initially. If we don't have it, you can add skus yourself easily through the Admin, or if it's a large list, you can send to us in Excel. (3 columns: size, description & upc) Whenever you need a new vendor added, we are happy to do that for you, and add the list if we have it. After initial setup of a vendor, you manage your item lists yourself. If you bring in new skus under a line, you can add them through your Admin. Any product changes like size or UPC, you can edit those and make those changes.

Yes, all information affiliated with your account is kept completely confidential and never shared. Each account has their own separate database and is safely backed up daily. Your information is yours alone, and can be sent to you on request.

Server Information
ZOOZ Solutions Ltd. servers are in a data centre located in a brand new ultra modern building which provides a highly secure physical infrastructure, including the latest in security systems, video surveillance and round-the-clock security officers. The centre is engineered to eliminate any single point of failure, with multiple layers of redundancy in power systems, HVAC, fire detection and suppression.

With a multiple fibre optic high performance network, our server is connected directly to all major Internet backbones through a very prominent provider in North America. With redundant internet connections, internet traffic is automatically routed around network outages to ensure that our clients always have the fastest response times available.

We have a nice solution for multiple locations so that customers that shop at more than one of your locations can easily have their cards updated no matter which location they visit. We have options so that you can still keep accounts and reports separate, or combine reports if you prefer. Options also include sharing one vendor/item list or keeping them separate. We have a solution for every situation.

Visa, MasterCard, and American Express
Cheque for a 12 Month Subscription
Post-dated Monthly Cheques
We also offer automatic credit card charge for convenience.
We no longer accept candy as payment.

You can certainly enter your existing cards, however you cannot back date the purchases. (Vendors like this feature, they don't want the ability to backdate.) So when you add an existing card, and the card has for example, 4 purchases already, you would simply add the 4 purchases, and the 4 dates would be the current date. This hasn't been an issue over the 10 years that our programs have been in pet food retail stores, but if you are concerned, you can contact your rep/distributor and make sure it's ok. Some stores do this, then keep the old card to attach to the report once the card has been filled. You can also make notes just below the card, and enter the actual dates for reference if you like.