Retailer Testimonials

So many kind words!

We love and appreciate all our clients, and they have so many great things to say about us. We make sure we listen, and when we hear good suggestions, we implement those positive changes. We continue to evolve so that our services are as useful and efficient as they can be to our clients.

re: Customization Request

You are AMAZING! I can’t wait! I think this is going to be a HUGE help for us. This company, and you in particular, are such a joy to work with. I wish everyone/everything in life could be as amazing to interact with. THANK YOU Shane!

Keri Lazette Anaheim Feed & Pet Supply in Anaheim, CA


Just wanted to say last year at Superzoo I recommended your Frequent Buyer Card website to a store in Texas. This year I saw them again and they said they have in turn recommended it to many other stores and everyone loves it! They gave me a lot of thanks for recommending it so just wanted to pass that on. Great website!

David Davis Pet Haus in Durango, CO

Makes Life Easier

This program has made my life and the rest of the staff's here easier. As a smaller buisness, with the whole Territory we supply, we kept the frequent buyer cards here at our store because there were always people picking up for others or they wouldn't remember what food they fed. We were constantly losing cards and spending precious time during busy times searching for cards. Now it's just a click away for us to find everything. Even our customers love how quick it is. Printing out the redemption reports has saved me hours of sorting and counting. This progam is fabulous!

Megan Bradley The Feed Store in Whitehorse, Yukon

Tracking Made Easy

With the addition of more vendors, it became quite burdensome and unorganized, both for us and the customer. Misfiled cards, missing cards and customers expecting us to know what they bought last time, then came the envelope and upc clipping system. We had to make a change. I'd heard a bit about ZOOZ and made a few inquiries. Everyone said they liked it. We have not been disappointed.

Our staff finds it simple and the customers like the efficiency too! Shane (of ZOOZ Solutions) is very helpful as well.

Doug Veenstra Smithers Feed Store in Smithers, BC

Saves Time!

The program is great! It has seriously cut down on labor time. Also, customers use the program to ask what foods they buy. Shane's tech support is also exceptional.

Jonathan Campbell Pet Solutions Supermarket in Surrey & Delta, BC

Works great for Chain Stores

We were one of the first stores to implement the ZOOZ Frequent Buyer Program, and put it in all 3 locations. It is so much easier than going through 18 boxes of cards, when a customer doesn't remember what he or she has bought before. And the CFIA is impressed with the way the livestock feed can be tracked as well.  We are very happy with this program, and would encourage any store owner to get it going in their store.

Gloria Crawford The Valley Feed Bag in Abbotsford & Mission, BC

Efficient & Professional

ZOOZ Solutions has made the tracking of our dog food sales more efficient and professional. The end of lost cards and illegible handwriting. Very easy to use. The support from ZOOZ is awesome.

Dale Glazer Rocklin Family Pet Shop in Rocklin, CA

Easy to Use!

System works great! Easy to use.

Greg Penno Mr. Pets in Vancouver, North Vancouver, Port Coquitlam, Maple Ridge, Mission and Abbotsford , BC

Awesome Company!

Very satisfied!

Dustin Suh K&K Pet Foods in Langley, BC

pet food frequent buyer program

As long as you have internet, your good to go. System is simple to use, quick and accurate. Redemption reports are invaluable when dealing with sales reps. The back up in the admin 'printed reports' make sure there is no chance for missed renumeration to the retailer. The support from ZOOZ Solutions is always timely and helpful.

Liana McKamey The Valley Feed Bag in Mission, BC

Great program and Support

Lots of pros for this website. It has organized our counter space since we had about 6 holders for the recipe cards beforehand. It has sped up the process of adding bags to a card. The reps like it because the redemption reports are neat and tidy. Anytime I have asked a question or required changes to the program it was dealt with promptly. The website is clean and easy to use. Being able to change rules and add product on the fly is incredibly handy as well.

Collin Smith Pawsitively Purrfect in Regina, SK

Pet Food Frequent Buyer Program Review

I have never had a problem with the Pet Food Frequent Buyer Program. Our customers are always on the site. They always inform us of any updates to brands of foods. Having the option to look up by both phone number and name is much easier than having to flip through physical cards for the frequent buyer program and losing cards. All of our store chains are listed so people can buy at any location and still get credit for their purchase. It is a fantastic program and saves us a lot of time.

Marissa Palmer Best West Pet Foods in Winnipeg, MB

ZOOZ is the Bomb!

This extremely easy to understand program has streamlined our frequent buyers card program immensely. Instead of fumbling through cards or getting the customer to carry them and cut out their UPC's we now can just ask for a last name or a phone number and add the bags like that! Then we can just as easily create a .pdf report to send to the sales rep to get our credits back. It was the logical solution for a growing small business that was increasing sales and adding staff in the fourth year of service. Worth the monthly fee!

Cameron Dixon Barks & Recreation in Trail, BC

Love this product and the customer service!

This product has made our frequent buyer program so much more streamlined and easy to use. Well worth it for our business! On top of that, the customer service from Shane is phenomenal!

Meghan Driscoll Bone Appetite in Watertown, CT

Pet Stuff Review

Great Program. Speeds up our checkout process while maintaining the organization of the loyalty programs for different customers.

Joey Almars Pet Stuff in Minnetonka, MN


Good job! This is an easy to use program with great support. I have always had immediate help on issues and the updates on server issues etc on the home page are helpful.

Matt Pipes Natural Pet Food Solutions in Portland, OR

ZOOZ Review

This is a much better system than we were using before, it gets customers checked out faster and easier which only makes satisfaction go up! We love this program. It has made a world of difference in our business!

Tiffany Williams Chow Down Pet Supplies in Pagosa Springs, Evergreen, Fairplay, Grand Junction, MOntrose and Fruita, CO

Best Program for Food Purchases

We have been using Pet Food Frequent Buyer Program for about a year for our three locations. We have over 6,000 cards in our database, and could not be happier with the ease of using the system. Also, Shane is very good at helping you work through technicalities or personalization of the program. He is always quick to respond to my questions, and that makes a HUGE difference in the world of retail. We love Pet Food Frequent Buyer Program, and can't believe we ever operated without it!

Anna Pearson Salem Pet Supply in Salem, OR

Don't know how we lived without it!

We were working with boxes and boxes of frequent buyer cards, which were by far the worst part of our jobs. We hated them. Clients not knowing which brand they use, or which name it was under, or both…or the card just being mis-filed, spending minutes just looking for a single card could be sooo frustrating.

Someone mentioned ZOOZ to me and I immediately looked into and purchased. What a blessing! The transition over was quite a feat since we transferred thousands of cards over in batches, working from home at night to get it done. That was the hard part…but SO worth it.

Being able to search by name or phone number, see every brand a customer has purchased and when, being able to put all vendor rules in one place…it's priceless. It looks neat and orderly and is easy to use.

The service and response I've received to my inquiries, additions, and suggestions is out of this world. Like REALLY great, REALLY fast service.

We LOVE ZOOZ! I have no regrets about moving the Frequent Buyer system over to ZOOZ and actually don't know that we would have been able to continue doing FB at all had this not come to us.

Melanie Wells Pet Elements in Seattle, WA

Great Program (2nd Review 5 Years Later)

Pros: Ease of use, quick and efficient, plenty of features for tracking etc., great customer service, good value, accepted by all our vendors Cons: None come to mind. This is truthfully one of the best investments we have made over the past ten years.

Doug Veenstra Smithers Feed Store in Smithers, BC

ZOOZ Review

Very easy to use, customer service is wonderful, if their was a way to have free bag submissions done electronically through the program it would be almost perfect.

Trish Ellis The Bone & Biscuit Co. in St. Paul, AB

ZOOZ Frequent Buyer Program

I like it, it is easy to use.

Karen Charland The Bone & Biscuit Co. in Edmonton, AB